Our candles aren't cheap - we know this. We have come across all kinds of people in different markets, and prices are all over the place (man,  is Etsy high!). What we've found most often is if they're cheaper than us, they're usually using paraffin wax. Now we don't want to badmouth anyone's craft, but we choose not to use paraffin for reasons you can read here.

There's plenty of information out there, feel free to do your own research, the bottom line is we use all-natural ingredients whenever possible for a reason, and they simply cost more. The only synthetic we use are (FDA approved/skin safe) fragrance oils if a scent just isn't available naturally - we even try not to use plastic in our packaging.


Little Bits Naturals cares about you and your family's  health, and we don't want to give you anything we don't want in our own homes.